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    Samhain/Halloween Ghoulish Recipes

    The Halloween Witch

    Pet Safety Tips

    Eve of Samhain Spell to Connect with the Spirit World

    Get a white candle, matches and mirror for this spell. At dusk, go to a haunted area or a place you feel the spirits are especially powerful. Make contact by walking about and allowing your mind to roam. Light your white candle and star into it saying:

    Clear as midnight,
    the spirits are bright.
    Ghostly curiousity
    brings you to me.

    As a form takes shape,
    I am not asleep.
    Spirit awake,
    take your shape.

    Let the candle flicker. Glance into the mirror and look past your shoulder. Do you see mists or lighted balls in the reflection? This is how ghosts typically appear. Return to the area on the next three nights. Take some pictures. At home, place your mirror face down. Mirrors trap spirits. Some spirits will track you as you search for their reflections. If you want your thost to leave, just say so. Follow this up by putting a broom over your transom and burning sage. ...by Susan Sheppard


    Druid Reading for Samhain

    The celebrations on the eve of All Souls Day, called Halloween, stem from the Celtic New Year celebration called Samhain. When the Sun goes down on this eve, there is a time between the old year and the creation of the new. Specifically, this occurs at sunrise. In this twilight of the years, the veil between this world and the world of the spirit is thin. It is a time when ghosts and spirits can interact with the living, and a time when divination is most effective. This is a sacred time when all warriors were to keep their swords sheathed. Samhain literally means “end of the summer.” This day marked the last harvest of the summer, and so it is a harvest celebration. But, because there were only three months in the ancient Celtic calendar, and no autumn, it is also the beginning of the winter death that will lead to next year’s regeneration. On this night, the lord of death reigns, and the Celts protect themselves from this threat with bonfires and animal sacrifice. Animal sacrifice is closely associated with divination. In most ancient cultures, the remains of the sacrificed animal were examined to discover the will of the gods and to predict the future. The Druid priests would take advantage of this auspicious time to look into the events of the upcoming year—at least up until Beltane, which marked the year’s midpoint. Although predicting the future is not necessarily the best use of the tarot, this is a good time to try reading the future. You can do this by laying out three cards for each of the six months from Samhain to Beltane (you should have eighteen total cards). Read each set of three cards as a story that will pertain to that month.

    ....by: Robert Place


    Pumpkin Carving Ritual

    Time to start decorating! I love decorating for this day. You would, if you visited, find bats, Witches, skeletons, scarecrows, and ghosts peeking out of every pot, pan, bowl, closet, drawer, and bookshelf in the house. One of my favorite traditions at this time of year is to carve pumpkins. Sometimes I carve one large pumpkin. But more often, I will carve three smaller pumpkins, each with a different expression. Plenty of Halloween books, magazines, and articles offer ideas for carving methods and creative designs. I like to turn my carving into a ritual. I gather all my carving tools, my pumpkins, and my ritual tools. I cast a circle and ask angels of creativity for inspiration. Sometimes, I have designs worked out on paper ahead of time. Most often, I take the advice of sculptors: They let what is inside the stone or clay come out. In other words, I let the spirit of the pumpkin express itself. It’s not easy, as words are more natural to me than artwork. But it is always rewarding. The innards become pumpkin pies or pumpkin cookies. Some of the seeds are toasted, and some of the seeds are given as offerings to the spirit of pumpkin and to the angels. Every year’s pumpkins are different, because the spirit of each pumpkin is unique. Each pumpkin is a living being. The merry expressions lit by candlelight fill my home with joy and blessings.

    ...by: Cerridwen Iris Shea


    Love in “Vein” Spell

    In this countdown to Halloween Friday, give yourself an evening of vampire romance. If staying at home tonight, rent a Dracula movie starring a sexy actor, buy a bottle of vampire wine from Romania, or curl up with a good vampire novel or erotic horror story. Write romantic poems to your favorite vampire in scented red ink, and dine by candlelight. If going out, dress accordingly, and go to a goth nightclub or Halloween party. Be a vamp. Be as sexy or as scary as you wanna be. For the really adventurous, take a stroll through a cemetery at night with your favorite werewolf. ...by: Denise Dumars


    A Janus Samhain Spell

    Thousands of rituals and spells have been composed for Samhain. On this night when the boundaries of life and death are blurred we honor our ancestors, and we remember others who have passed over that we never knew. What has been part of our past shapes our future. This Samhain we might also want to look forward. Someday we will be the past that helped shape someone else’s future. Janus was the two-faced Roman god for whom January is named. One face looks to the past, the other to the future. Turn to face the west, the land of the dead and the deities, saying:

    Janus, who looks into the night toward the place where spirits seek light, bless all souls who come now as they hear it, and dance in the circle of spirit.

    Turn to face the east, the point of the rising Sun, away from death and into the promise of a new day, saying:

    Janus, who into the day at dawn’s first glow and Sun’s first ray, bless this circle without hesitation, and fear not the past nor times not yet here.

    ...by: Edain McCoy


    Clearing Your Home Spell

    Samhain is almost upon us. The indoor season will soon follow. To prepare for this we should do a clearing, so that stagnant energies cannot build up during the dormant time of the year. Set up a tray with a censer containing sage incense, a bell, and a small bowl with blessed water containing basil. You will also need your besom. Walk through your home in a clockwise manner beginning at the front door and ending at the back. Enter the first room and waft the sage smoke everywhere. Dip your fingers in the water and sprinkle it about. Next, walk the room in a clockwise fashion ringing the bell. Take your besom and sweep any leftover energy to the door saying: “I sweep the bad out, and good remains throughout.”

    ...by: Tammy Sullivan


    Halloween Spell

    For many witches throughout the world, Halloween is an ideal time to magically do away with weaknesses. The Celts of old, for instance, on Samhain slaughtered all livestock that were too weak to live through the coming winter. Using a quill pen and dragon’s blood ink, write upon a piece of parchment the weaknesses you wish to be rid of. As you concentrate on your intent, crumple up the paper in your “power hand” and toss it into a fire or set it ablaze by holding it above the flame of a black candle. Place it into a fireproof container such as a cast iron cauldron, and as the parchment burns away into ashes, so too shall your weaknesses be consumed by the flames of magic.

    ...by Gerina Dunwich


    Halloween Condolences Spell

    Often, when we think of those who have passed on we are over-come with grief. This following spell for condolence can help ease the pain. On the stove top or in a potpourri burner, place three parts lemon balm, two parts lavender, one part sage, one-half part rosemary, and one-quarter part allspice. You may also add sweet peas, elder bark, fennel seed, or willow leaves if you have them. Allow the mixture to simmer while you visualize it sending a healing hug.

    ...by Edain McCoy


    Spell for Isis and Nephthys

    Take black crepe streamers, available for Halloween decorations, and reverently loop them together to form a rough human shape. Place this on a table or altar, and think on your own sorrows and those of others. Say these or similar words: “Osiris is dead, nothing remains in this world but his wrappings. My dead, my Osiris, the sorrows of my world, all that remains are the empty wrappings which tie my heart. What they once contained has gone on to another dimension, where they cannot be seen. May the sorrow they leave behind no longer bind my heart. May only the light of their lives remain to be remembered.” Burn the wrappings in the sink or in a heat-proof container. Watch the flames as they burn. When you at last look away, you will see only the afterimage of the light of the flames. Hold this in your heart.

    ...by Israel Regardie


    Apple Peel Spell

    This is a very old spell that is best used close to Halloween, or at the dark of the harvest Moon. First, peel an apple in one continuous piece. If you make a mistake and break the peel, finish peeling that apple, and try another one. (This is a good spell to try when you are baking pies.) Once you have accomplished your task, throw the apple peel over your left shoulder onto the kitchen floor. The peel will form the initial of the name of your future wedding mate.

    ...by Magenta Griffith


    Communicating with the Spirits of the Departed

    While it is true that Samhain is the time when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, you can converse with spirits of the departed at any time of the year. Prepare your altar as you normally do, but place several fresh apples upon it to represent the other-world. Also, use juniper and wormwood as your incense. Speak the name of the person you are trying to contact. State what you need to tell them or that you need to ask. Don’t expect a physical manifestation, but you will very soon find your response in your dreams.

    ...by Nuala Drago


    Inviting in your Ancestors

    A good time to pay homage to you ancestors is just before Samhain. For this spell, gather at your altar or sacred space some black cloth, a black candle, a bowl of water, a feather, a citrine, amethyst or lapis lazuli crystal, and photos and mementos from your loved ones who have passed beyond. Place the black cloth on your altar or on the floor. Position the feather in the east, the candle in the south, the bowl of water in the west, and the crystal in the north. Arrange the photos and other objects in the middle as you chant or whisper: “May my loved ones touch me again—in the kiss of a breeze, in the light of candle flame, in the laughter of the rain, in the ground beneath my feet. Spirits of air, fire, water, earth, bring my loved ones close again.” You may want to hold a photo or object and take time to feel the spirit of your loved one.

    ...by Sedwin


    Honoring Ancestors

    Autumn is the season when the dark of the year arrives. It is a time to turn inward and reflect on our ancestors and on those we love who have crossed to the other side of the veil. Begin building energy to welcome your loved ones on Samhain by placing photos or mementos of them on a table, bookshelf, or windowsill in the east area of a room. (East is the direction associated with ancestors and family.) Along with ancestral photos, you may want to include goddess images of Hecate, Cerridwen, Kali, Inanna, or Cybele. Samhain is when the goddess enters her crone aspect as Dark Mother and Wise One. She takes away what she has created, but in her dark womb is the seed of the next New Year. All that is old is new again.

    ...by Sedwin


    Samhain Prosperity Spell

    Pass a skull (plastic or wax), some pumpkin spice and some dried pumpkin seed, a large white plate, a small bowl, a black bag, and a gold cord through incense smoke. Mix the seeds and spice in a bowl and stir counterclockwise to banish negativity, clockwise for the blessings of your ancestors. Place a list of your ancestors on the plate, and set the skull on top, sprinkling it with the seed and spice mixture. Hold your hands over the skull asking that your ancestors bring harmony and prosperity into your life, and cover the skull with the bag for seven days. On the seventh day, place the spice, seeds, and skull in the bag, and tie it all securely with the gold cord. Place it in the west part of your attic or basement.

    ...by Silver RavenWolf


    Full Moon Samhain Prosperity Spell

    The Samhain Full Moon (at 8 degrees of Taurus) is square Neptune, a planet of mysticism and illusion. With Saturn moving into opposition to Pluto tomorrow—a difficult aspect—there may be some tense power struggles accompanying this Full Moon. However, Taurus is the sign of the Earth Mother, and full of fertility, wealth, patience, and practicality. To promote prosperity at this time, take a green, gold, or silver candle and anoint it with aromatic oils. Light the candle and work to pay bills, balance your checkbook, or review your budget. Ask yourself where you are wasting your resources. Is there anything—any expensive habits—you can get rid of to save a little money? As the candle burns, resolve to be a better money manager and envision yourself with a little more money at the end of the month. Little by little it soon mounts up.

    ...by Estelle Daniels


    Hallows Blessing

    To those whose feet are stilled
    And those who laugh with us no more
    To you we say, our love was with you here
    And goes with you hence
    To that place where you rest and revel.

    May the dark Lord and sweet Lady
    Guide your feet along the rocky paths
    To the place where all is fresh and green
    And lover, friends and ancestors wait
    With open arms to greet you.
    Go in peace, and with our blessing
    Be rested and return when the Lady deems it fit
    With the countless turns of the Great Wheel
    We shall miss you
    We shall meet you again in the green places of Her domain.

    ....author unknown


    Healing Love Pumpkin

    To send healing love to someone over Samhain, try this little spell.

    1 small pumpkin
    1 small piece white parchment
    1 red pen
    3 red roses
    3 drops rose oil
    1 green candle
    1 green ribbon

    Write the person's name on the piece of paper with red pen. Roll up into a little tube. Place the tube in the bottom of the pumpkin. Fill the pumpkin with rose petals, and add the rose oil. Hold the green candle in your hand and say:

    Samhain night, holy night,
    Sending loving energy from the dawn of tomorrow
    To the sunset of forever.
    So mote it be.

    Light the candle and wave it around the pumpkin in a clockwise direction seven times, repeating the charm. Set the candle behind the pumpkin. Hold your hands over the pumpkin and repeat until your hands tingle or grow warm and you feel good inside. Place the top on the pumpkin, then tie the green ribbon around the stem while sealing the spell.

    Leave candle to burn out. Or turn this spell into to a seven-day ritual, beginning on the full moon, lighting the candle everyday, for six days for seven minutes. Letting the candle burn out completely on the last night.

    Bury the pumpkin seven days after you perform the spell, or give the pumpkin as a get-well Halloween gift.

    .....by Silver Ravenwolf


    SAMHAIN Chant

    This chant can be outdoors around a bonfire or inside around an extra large altar candle.

    Fire red, summer's dead,
    Yet shall it return.
    Clear and bright in the night,
    Burn, fire, burn!
    Dance the ring, luck to bring,
    When the year's aturning.
    Chant the rhyme at Hallowstime,
    When the fire's burning.
    Fire glow, vision show
    Of the heart's desire,
    When the spell's chanted well
    Of the witching fire.
    Dance the ring, luck to bring,
    When the year's aturning.
    Chant the rhyme at Hallowstime,
    When the fire's burning.
    Fire spark, when nights are dark,
    Makes our winter's mirth.
    Red leaves fall, earth takes all,
    Brings them to rebirth.
    Dance the ring, luck to bring,
    When the year's aturning.
    Chant the rhyme at Hallowstime,
    When the fire's burning.
    Fire fair, earth and air,
    And the heaven's rain,
    And blessed be, and so may we,
    At Hallowstide again.
    Dance the ring, luck to bring,
    When the year's aturning.
    Chant the rhyme at Hallowstime,
    When the fire's burning.

    ... by Valiente, Doreen


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