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Welcome to CyberMoon Emporium WitchCraft Supplies Scrying Mirrors for Wiccans and Pagans! See our beautiful black scrying mirrors, blue scrying mirrors, and scrying mirror pendants. We also offer a Wiccan Beginners Altar Kit, Deluxe Altar Kit, Fairy Altar Kit and Charmed Altar Kit.

CyberMoon Emporium WitchCraft Supplies Wicca Store
~*~ Scrying Mirrors ~*~
~ Delicate and beautiful! ~

"When you look in the mirror,
What will you see?
For the mirror tells many wise things;
Things that were,
Things that are,
Things that may yet come to be...."

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WitchCraft Supplies and Witchcraft Store - Black 8in x 8in  Scrying Mirror
~ Black 8" x 8" Celtic Knot Scrying Mirror ~
$47.95 BUY NOW
Handsome black scrying mirror on clear glass with finished edges for the Celtic Seer. Pewter colored Celtic Zoomorphic birds & copper colored Celtic knot designs circle the scrying area. Display stand not included. 8" square.

WitchCraft Supplies and Witchcraft Store - Scrying Mirror, Black 7
~ Beveled Edge Black Scrying Mirror 8in ~
Our Price: $50.95 BUY NOW
Scrying is the art of foretelling the future or the unknown by looking into an object. Handsome black scrying mirror. Beveled edges. Approx 8 in Dia.

WitchCraft Supplies and Witchcraft Store - Scrying Mirror, Black 9
~ Black 12" dia. Scrying Mirror ~
Our Price: $53.95 BUY NOW
Scrying is the art of foretelling the future or the unknown by looking into an object. Black Glass Scrying Mirror 12" round. 1/2" bevel

WitchCraft Supplies and WitchCraft Store - Scrying Goddess Pendant

~ Scalloped Edge Mirror - 4" or 6" ~
5inch: $4.95 BUY NOW
This mirror is designed to be laid flat upon your altar surface, with its reflective surface pointing upward. This makes it a fantastic tool for scrying and divination, particularly if the smoke of the incense that you are using during your ritual is wafting over it or a small amount of ritual anointing oil has been applied to its surface. Your choice: 4in or 6in

Brass Scrying Mirror 6in Holder

~ Brass Scrying Mirror 6" Holder ~
Our Price: $11.95 BUY NOW
Sculpted of brass, this little device is the perfect complement to your scrying mirror. With a stand that flips out on a hinge, the stand offers an ornate design. With an almost antiqued feel, it portrays flowing vines and flowers that form an elaborate framework in patterns that seem almost serpentine, or draconic. Measuring approximately 5 1/2" tall and 3 1/4" wide, the piece can easily hold most scrying mirrors, supporting them so that you can gaze into its surface naturally in meditation, without having to look down as it lays flat. Mirror not included.

Large Brass Scrying Mirror Holder

~ Large Brass Scrying Mirror Holder ~
Our Price: $19.95 BUY NOW
Intended to be used with larger scrying mirrors, this large brass stand is a fantastic piece for any altar or sacred space. Standing approximately 7 1/2" tall when standing up, it has been sculpted entirely of brass in an ornate design that blends gothic artistry with natural patterns of leaf and vine. The result is a beautiful, functional ornament that can prop up your scrying mirror to allow you to view it in a whole new light. Try using it to set your mirror up to reflect the light of ritual candles or where it will catch the reflection of the smoke of your incense! Mirror not included.

WitchCraft Supplies and WitchCraft Store - Scrying Goddess Pendant

~ Scrying Goddess Pendant ~
Our Price: $41.95 BUY NOW
Carrying your scrying mirror with you! Beautiful Moon Goddess pendant made of fine lead free pewter. On the back is a 30mm cab of Black Onyx for scrying. Wear as a pendant, as a watch chain fob, or on your keyring.

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Black Crystal Ball 80mm

~ Black Crystal Ball 80mm ~
Our Price: $28.95 BUY NOW
This mid-sized variation of the classical magickal tool is a powerful addition to your divination spells and meditative study. The depths of its round surface have been colored an inky black, making it very much resemble the surface of scrying mirrors and other such divination devices. This also makes it a powerful aid in seeking answers and visions within your divinatory magick, as well a wonderful focus that will aid you in seeking a meditative trance. Measuring 80 mm, or approximately 3", in diameter, it is perfect for whatever studies you are intending to undertake. This crystal ball is made of 60% leaded glass and 40% crystal.

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