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Welcome to CyberMoon Emporium WitchCraft Supplies Pagan and Wiccan Crowns for all your Rituals, Ceremonies, Sabbats and Spell Crafting! Honor the Goddess with these beautiful Crowns. We also have Celtic Crosses, Slave Bracelets, Celtic Pendants, Celtic Necklaces, Celtic Rings, Celtic Wedding Rings!

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Pentagram Crown, Pewter
~ Pentagram Crown, Pewter ~
Our Price: $ 48.95 BUY NOW
This moon and pentagram crown states your intentions in no uncertain terms. Festooned with open-faced interwoven pentagrams, a crescent moon rests atop the very center of your forehead. Made out of pewter, this crown is adjustable to any size. Forming a half circle of metal 6 1/2" from temple to temple, it ties in the back with a satin cord.

Triple Moon Crown, Pewter
~ Triple Moon Crown, Pewter ~
Our Price: $ 48.95 BUY NOW
Assume the power of the moon in all her aspects with this intriguing pewter moon crown. Whether you are wearing this crown to invite the presence of a moon goddess such as Diana, seeking to work with the moon, or simply adorn yourself for any occasion, this crown will call the right kind of attention. Very comfortable to wear, it forms a half circle around the head and ties in the back with a satin cord. unadjusted, it measures 6 1/2" from temple to temple.

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