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Welcome to CyberMoon Emporium WitchCraft Supplies Wicca Candles Shoppe! 7 Day Jar Candles for your ritual and spell crafting needs. Jar candles are frequently used by themselves or along with prayer and other ritual methods to bring blessings, protection, or even curses. Most common are the "7-Day Jar Candles," that are usually burned over a period of seven days and accompanied by a prayer.

~ 7 Day Candles ~

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Witchcraft Store - 7 day candle
~ 7 Day Cleansing Candle ~
$7.95 BUY NOW
Burn this candle for seven days, to bring in cleasing aruas into your home or personal spaces. (8 1/4")

Witchcraft Store 7 Day Candle
~ 7 Day Angel Cherub Candle ~
$7.95 BUY NOW
Burn this candle for seven days, and invoke the help of Cherubs, and employ the help of angels in resolving problems. (8 1/4")

Witchcraft Store 7 Day Candle
~ 7 Day Door Opener Candle ~
$7.95 BUY NOW
Burn this candle for seven days, to bring in desired changes to your life, including wealth, good luck, and success. (8 1/4")

Witchcraft Store 7 Day Candle
~ 7 Day Pay Me Candle ~
$7.95 BUY NOW
Burn this candle for seven days, to bring money to your life. (8 1/4")

Witchcraft Store 7 Day Candle
~ 7 Day Reversing Candle ~
$7.95 BUY NOW
Burn this candle for seven days, and send negative energy back to it`s source. (red to black, 8 1/4")


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~ Candle Magic Books ~
Please see our catalog for a more complete listing.
Candle & Accessories Index


BLACK Absorption & destruction of negative energy (1st Chakra)
CRANBERRYRED Love, passion, energy, enthusiasm, courage (1st Chakra)
ORANGE Strength, authority, attraction, success, joy (2nd Chakra)
YELLOW Clairvoyance, learning, mind, communication (3rd Chakra)
GREEN Healing, money, prosperity, luck, fertility (4th Chakra)
PINK Emotional love, friendships, affection, harmony (4th Chakra)
GREEN Emotional healing and protection, calming (4th Chakra)
RED Self love, enhancing relationships (4th Chakra)
BLUE Healing, meditation, tranquility, forgiveness (5th Chakra)
PURPLE Spirituality, wisdom, psychic awareness (6th Chakra)
WHITE Protection, peace, purity, truth (7th Chakra)

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