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  • ~ Books on Death, Dying, Necromancy ~

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    CyberMoon Emporium Witchcraft Supplies - Dion Fortune's Book of the Dead by Fortune
    ~ Dion Fortune's Book of the Dead by Dion Fortune ~
    Our Price: $9.95 BUY NOW
    This handbook helps the living assist the dying at the time of death. It teaches that the living must, first and foremost, understand the process that the soul goes through before they can help the spirit in its transition. Dion Fortune's Book of the Dead is a clear, concise, illuminating guide that explains the stages in the natural process of dying that each and every soul passes through from this world to the next. Fortune shows how traditional customs connected with the passing of a soul have their roots in psychic fact. For example, we place candles and fresh flowers in the death chamber as soon as the soul has departed because they provide sufficient etheric emanations to meet the needs of the "etheric double," assisting in the soul's disentanglement from the physical. Without the flowers and candles, the etheric body will draw its vitality from any available source, including grievers. Loved ones in particular are susceptible to depletion and can be drained dry in their ignorance. The living, Fortune writes, have two tasks to perform: "We must see to it that dust returns as swiftly and harmoniously as possible, giving rise to none of the happenings which may be termed the pathologies of death," and "we ought to follow up the departing soul with the right kind of telepathic communication until it is safely established on the Other Side." Paperback 86 pgs.

    CyberMoon Emporium Witchcraft Supplies - Angels' Message to Humanity by Schueler
    ~ Communicating with the Dead by Belanger ~
    Our Price: $15.99 BUY NOW
    Is there life after death? For millennia, humans have been trying to communicate with those who have passed on. Many religions emerged from this yearning to reach across the plane of death. Communicating With the Dead is an objective and journalistic journey into the history and practice of spirit communication devices. Practitioners, scientists, clergy, and psychics all weigh in on the various means and materials used to make contact with the spirit world. From ancient card games to wooden sticks, pencils to board games, there are many tangible devices that millions of people use to reach beyond the grave. Methods covered include: • Talking Boards—better known by the brand name Ouija Board, the historic and esoteric impact this enigmatic device has made is significant. Is it really just a game? • Tarot Cards—what began as a card game for royalty centuries ago has evolved into a spiritual system that can be used for divination. • Dowsing Rods—originally used to find underground water sources, some believe the rods can tap into supernatural energies. • Runes—based on an ancient northern European alphabet, Runecasters believe they are communicating directly with the gods. • Mirror Gazing—by staring into a clear optical depth, some believe we can peer into the spirit world. • Spirit Photography—almost as soon as the camera was invented, photographers began to discover strange, ghostly images in their pictures. Some were frauds, others believe they made genuine contact…and have the pictures to prove it! • Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) —a practice that is gaining ground with paranormal investigators. Using modern recording devices, some disembodied voices are being captured on tape. Jeff Belanger is a voracious fan of the unexplained. He’s been studying and writing about the supernatural for regional and national publications since 1997. Belanger is the founder of Ghostvillage.com, the Internet’s largest supernatural community, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors per year. He’s the author of: The World’s Most Haunted Places: From the Secret Files of Ghostvillage.com (New Page Books 2004), and The Encyclopedia of Haunted Places (New Page Books 2005). He currently haunts Bellingham, Mass., with his wife, Megan. paperback 288 pages.

    CyberMoon Emporium Witchcraft Supplies - Angels' Message to Humanity by Schueler
    ~ Book Of The Dead by Budge, E.A. Wallis ~
    Our Price: $9.99 BUY NOW
    The Hieroglyphic Transcript and Translation into English of The Ancient Egyptian Papyrus of Ani. The Book of the Dead is a collection of texts that the ancient Egyptian scribes composed for the benefit of the dead - spells, hymns, magical formulae and names. These were carved or painted on walls of pyramids and tombs, and painted on coffins, sarcophagi, and rolls of papyrus. Hardcover 704 pgs.

    CyberMoon Emporium Witchcraft Supplies - Angels' Message to Humanity by Schueler
    ~ Celtic Book of Living and Dying by Wood ~
    Our Price: $12.95 BUY NOW
    The Celtic Book of Living and Dying Thought-provoking and inspiring Celtic wisdom tracing the passage from birth to death to the life beyond. Celtic lore and literature, including timeless poetry and epic battle scenes, strike a chord for readers today in much the same way the did when first told. Find out what meaning the hold for you in this lavish collection that includes more than 70 stunning illustrations and designs in the Celtic style as well as photographs of evocative landscapes and the finest weapons, carvings, and jewelry. paperback 144 pages.

    CyberMoon Emporium Witchcraft Supplies - Dictionary of Angels, Including Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson
    ~ Comp Bks Of Azrael by Leilah Wendell ~
    Our Price: $21.95 BUY NOW
    Book One of The Book of Azrael, An intimate encounter with the Angel of Death, was hailed by readers and reviewers as "the most fascinating book of the 20th century." It sparked a subtle revolution in the way we deal with death in general, and Death the entity. Book Two, The View From the Bridge, picks up where #1 left off and brings us to a greater understanding of His purpose here, and hereafter. Both books have been revised and expanded and are brought together in this collectable volume.

    CyberMoon Emporium Witchcraft Supplies - Angels, Demons & Gods of the New Millennium by Lon Duquette
    ~ In The Service of Life by O'Gaea ~
    Our Price: $12.95 BUY NOW
    In Wicca, death is known as " Passing Through the Gates," and to do it well - or to help a loved one do it well - is recognized as one of life's most fruitful opportunities for change and spiritual growth. The energies aroused by death ca be directed to good purpose, bringing healing to ourselves and to our world. In this book, you will discover the unique perspective that wicca brings to death and dying; integrating spiritual concerns with practical ones, and offering new ways of dealing with one of life's deepest and most generative challenges. paperback 201 pgs.

    CyberMoon Emporium Witchcraft Supplies - Angels, Demons & Gods of the New Millennium by Lon Duquette
    ~ What Happens After Death by Gonzalez- Wippler ~
    Our Price: $7.95 BUY NOW
    Migene Gonzalez - Wippler presents a fascination and persuasive paradigm for personality survival after death. She demonstrates that there is enough scientific proof - substantiated in Scientific American - and non-scientific evidence to support the idea that life after death is not only possible, but also quite probable. She expertly fuses empirical scientific proof with spiritual concepts to sustain the belief in the eternity of the soul. The first part of the book is an objective study of the research about life after death, and the second part is a personal narrative by a spirit guide named Kirkudain about the pilgrimage of his soul. Paperback 242 pgs.

    CyberMoon Emporium Witchcraft Supplies - Deck: Angel Meditation Cards
    ~ Necromance, Intimate Portrayals of Death by Wendell ~
    Our Price: $39.95 BUY NOW
    Death has may faces, but very rarely is Life's most faithful muse exposed for it's seductiveness, compassion, and contemplative nature. Most mortals still tend to view Death as "The King Of Terrors". Perhaps it's simply that artists can tap into a deeper well of understanding, or that as their muse, Death can impart a more gentle mien allowing the artist to share with brush, pen or stone, what he or she sees with the world at large. This volume aims to showcase evocative portraits of Death by several artists, sculptors and photographers. Some may be familiar, others have never been published prior to this project, and many were created especially for the Westgate Museum Collection. Herein we see Death not just as consoler and confidant, but also as friend, and even lover to those willing to see with the same eyes as those he has inspired. Hardcover 121 pgs. Photo Book.

    CyberMoon Emporium Witchcraft Supplies - Deck: Angel Meditation Cards
    ~ Necronomicon, Wanderings of Alhazred by Tyson ~
    Our Price: $17.95 BUY NOW
    The first Necronomicon created in the true spirit of H. P. Lovecraft Anyone familiar with H. P. Lovecraft's work knows of the Necronomicon, the black magic grimoire he invented as a literary prop in his classic horror stories. There have been several attempts at creating this text, yet none stand up to Lovecraft's own descriptions of the Necronomicon . . . until now. Fans of Lovecraftian magic and occult fiction will delight in Donald Tyson's Necronomicon, based purely within Lovecraft's own fictional universe, the Cthulhu Mythos. This grimoire traces the wanderings of Abdul Alhazred, a necromancer of Yemen, on his search for arcane wisdom and magic. Alhazred's magical adventures lead him to the Arabian desert, the lost city of Irem, ruins of Babylon, lands of the Old Ones, and Damascus, where he encounters a variety of strange creatures and accrues necromantic secrets. paperback 267 pgs weight 1.44

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    Eighth Sphere

    In Theosophy this is a term that is use synonymously with the Planet of Death which describes a place where the lost souls of the very evil are finally destroyed. Some believe that this place has an actual location in the cosmos, while others hold that it is symbolic of a "condition of being."

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